Our Difference

Our Difference

Our Difference

Natural Air E-Controls, LLC is a pioneer in the field of automated controls for HVAC systems.  The company’s inventors and developers created these controls to raise Indoor Air Quality, lower energy costs, and monitor the status of your HVAC investment.



Our system provides intelligent, whole-building air exchange.  Conventional systems rely on open damper ventilation only.


Area Covered

The entire home or office benefits from air exchange, not just air circulation. This exchange allows for reduction of odors, allergens, and pollutants inherent to indoor living (such as volatile organic compounds).


Intelligent Control

Only the Natural Air E-Control System provides intelligent control of your HVAC system. Conventional systems, while ASHRAE compliant, do not allow for maximizing air quality when it benefits you the most.


Air Quality Responsive Ventilation

Maintaining balance between Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Outdoor Air Quality (OAQ) is a key element of the Natural Air E-Control system. And indoor air is protected during times of poor outdoor air quality. There are no comparable products currently available on the open market.


On Demand Ventilation

At the push of a button, the entire building can be ventilated on demand for the time period selected. Unwanted indoor odors, such as cooking aromas or paint fumes, can be cleared rapidly.


Energy Savings

Adding the Natural Air E-Control system to your new or existing HVAC system can reduce your energy use (and costs) by up to 30%, even if your system already is ASHRE compliant.


HVAC Operation Monitoring

The Natural Air E-Control system provides real-time monitoring of your HVAC system and indoor air quality. No other product on the market protects your HVAC investment in this way.

Simply put, we make you and your home healthier.

The founders and inventors of Natural Air E-Controls, LLC have spent over two decades researching, developing, prototyping, testing and refining its proprietary blend of ducts, dampers, monitors, sensors, controllers, misters, sanitizers and software specifically for use in residential and low rise commercial buildings.

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